Lost Omens

Letter to My Sister 2

Wealday, 27th of Lamashan 4706 AR

Letter# 66722

My dearest Azu,

I hope you are doing fine on this lovely day. I recently completed my training under the guidance of Tiadora and Cardinal Thorn. After going through a test involving the rules of the Pact of Thorns, we were brought to meet her majesty, Queen Abrogail Thrune II. She had a strange aura about her, similar to that of the Blood Mistress Jakalyn. We were asked to have a practice match with the Seventh Knot in order to complete our initiation. I unfortunately got knocked out by a spell from Elise, the leader of the Seventh Knot. However Snekman, wielding a strange contraption he calls a gun managed to instantly defeat her. The Smiling Saboteur certainly proved his strength when he managed to go toe to toe with the other team's very muscular and intimidating barbarian. Our new monk companion Sonam, managed to defeat the other team's archer and priest. Despite being knocked out early, it still a very fun competition. I am soon going to leave on my first mission with this new group and hopefully it will go well. Until next time Azu!





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